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    The Sokerol Web Sites and each of them  (“Web Sites”) contain software, design, text, images, words and graphics which are owed or licensed by us  and protected by copyright under the Copyright Act of 1991 (Isle of Man) and the laws of the United Kingdom and other international treaties, conventions and laws governing protection of the same (“Legislation”).

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    This site includes registered trademarks and trademarks which are the subject of pending applications or which are otherwise protected by law including, but not limited to the words “Sokerol”, “FOG Trap” and any variation thereof, the Sokerol logo and device Logo and including those other marks, devices and symbols associated with any Products or Projects featured on the site (collectively referred to as the “Marks”). You may not at any time or for any purpose use the Marks or the names “Sokerol” or “FOG Trap”.

  3. Patent & Patent Pending Notice
    Sokerol is a patent pending product in the United States. FOG Trap is an internationally patent pending product of a Sokerol Business Unit which Sokerol Group has the licensed rights to manufacture, market and distribute worldwide.

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    The Web Sites may at times contain or feature links to third party sites. The links are provided solely for your convenience and do not indicate, expressly or impliedly, any endorsement by Sokerol of the third party site or the products or services or information provided therein. You access those third party sites and use the products and services and information made available at those third party sites solely at your own risk.

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    The foregoing notices and provisions are to be read and shall be binding on you in addition to the Sokerol Terms of Use (‘TOU’) related to your access, engagement with and utilization of the Web Sites, their pages, features and applications and shall be read and construed along with the TOU and not in place or substation for the TOU or any or its provisions, which remain subsisting and of full effect at all times.

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