About Us


Sokerol was founded in 1988 to deliver environmental solutions to industry spills and occupational health and safety issues, following many years of research and development is has become one of the sectors most trusted 100% organic oil and chemical absorbent, for use on land and water.

Sokerol has stayed true to its original goals and now is the only company to manufacture and market the 100% organic oil and chemical absorbent Sokerol.


From its humble beginnings as a small owner operator business in 1988, to where is sits today as an international organisation, manufacturing, marketing and shipping products globally, Sokerol has remained true to its mission to develop leading environmental solutions to solve oil, chemical, leak and spill issues which plague industry worldwide.


Sokerol is working to expand its manufacturing activities internationally with factories planned for the USA, Belize and South Africa. Sokerol is also entering the consumer market segment with absorption product solutions for niche market retail applications. Sokerol’s goal is to be synonymous with green absorption solutions on a global scale.