• The FOG Trap™ is the first environmentally friendly household solution to waste Fats, Oil and Grease (FOGs) disposal in the kitchen.
  • FOGs solidify in sewers causing blockages and overflows and can leach through landfills to pollute the groundwater.
  • The FOG Trap™ effectively prevents FOGs from entering the sewers by cutting them off at the source: the kitchen sink.
  • The FOG Trap™ is filled with Sokerol, an organic, biodegradable non-leaching absorbent.
  • The FOG Trap™ is easy to use, compostable and heat resistant making it the ideal FOG disposal solution for any household.

Stop & think, about what you pour down your sink. Keep your community clean, use the Sokerol FOG Trap™.

Environmentally Friendly