Sokerol FOG Trap Campaign

to reduce household waste cooking oil loads in Sydney’s Ocean Outfall Treatment Systems

In a startling revelation, research undertaken by Sokerol Australia on the Deepwater Ocean Outfall toxicity and sedimentation monitoring program (run by the NSW EPA and published by Sydney Water) reveals that over 11,000 tonnes of waste fats, oils and grease (FOGs) are eliminated into the ocean via Sydney’s high-volume Deepwater Ocean Outfall wastewater treatment system per year.

Whilst the treatment process is claimed to be safe and effective, as the Fogs are dispersed over a wide range in minute particles, to eventually biodegrade or be consumed, the fact remains that oceans are no place for our everyday consumer waste on this scale. It has been speculated by environmental groups that suspended oil particulates from outfalls could be the medium for algal blooms that occasionally contaminate Sydney’s beaches.

Sokerol Australia are manufacturers of the new and innovative FOGTrap, which offers a cleaner, greener way to dispose of used household cooking oils, fats and greases at the source. Charles Maffett, Sokerol Group Project Manager, is urging Sydneysiders to consider the FOG trap as an alternative solution to that of sink disposal, and avoid placing such a burden on our fragile oceanic ecosystems:

"The Fogtrap is a cost-effective, organic, fast-acting, simple, easy to use, everyday solution to eliminating cooking oils from households” said Charles. “Once captured in the Fog trap, Sokerol will absorb oil, rendering its toxicity inert, and the product (with its full biodegradable packaging) can be disposed in the compost or garbage in confidence that it will safely biodegrade without leaching, without risk of any environmental damage".

"The Fogtrap offers Sydneysiders a means by which they can act individually to reverse the volume of oil waste they are contributing to the outfall system.  With sufficient interest and acceptance from the Sydney populace, we should go a long way toward bringing down the waste-oil pollutant load we are subjecting our environment to."

But rather than try and convince consumers further, Charles prefers to let the numbers do the talking: "the consequences of inaction are staggering…  11,000 tonnes of FOGs, perpetually dispersed into the ocean just 5 kilometres off Sydney beaches – that’s equivalent of 5 Million 2L bottles if Cooking Oil…yuck!"

The Fogtrap is soon to be released through leading retailers, but is currently available on-line. Orders are by box (batches of 16 Fogtraps) and shipped directly to your door, please visit, or contact us on….

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Posted on 01/12/2012
Author by sokerol