Agriculture | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills

Agriculture plays one of the most crucial roles in the world today. Driven by a rapidly growing global population, increasing food consumption and the subsequent need for securing sufficient supplies, it could be said to be the most important industry in the world. Around the globe, over 5 billion tonnes of wheat, coarse grains, rice, whole grains, oilseeds and cotton are produced annually to feed and clothe the population of over 6.9 billion. This production takes place on over 1.5 billion hectares, which has a value of about $5 trillion. 

Consumers around the world are also paying closer attention to the source of the food they buy. This has led to the increased regulation of all aspects of food production, particularly the origins, additives, and ingredients. Emphasis has also been put on the protection of crops from modern farming methods and the chemicals used.

Many countries now require farms to have spill preparation response kits on hand at all times in the event of a pesticide, chemical or hydrocarbon spill in the field or store. Sokerol, as a 100% organic product, is the ideal absorbent for agricultural applications – it works excellently alongside typical pesticides and agricultural chemicals and will help farms maintain their crop production quality.

Who Uses Oil Absorbents

  • Farms
  • Vineyards
  • Food processing plants

Why Sokerol Absorbent's Used

  • Sokerol is 100% safe and easy to use, so it will not harm any food or livestock and no special training is needed to utlise it. 

Benefits of Sokerol Chemical & Oil Absorbent


  • 100% organic solution for containing and absorbing oil and chemical spills, and providing safe environmentally friendly disposal.

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