The Superior Organic Industrial Absorbent:

  • A 100% organic oil and chemical absorbent.
  • Sokerol rejects water in favour of oils.
  • Non-leaching.
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • Fast acting.
  • Safe to use and handle.
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Safe Disposal
Bio - Degradable
Fast Acting
Meets EPA standard

Nature’s Universal Spill Solution

From nature comes the most natural solution to the problem of spill containment and waste disposal available today.

Sokerol is an organic, cellulose-based, biodegradable oil absorbent with incredible absorbency and non-leaching properties. Sokerol has a natural preference for hydrocarbons (oleophilic) making it ideal for use on land or water and in all weather conditions.

Sokerol passes the Australian Standard 4439.3-1997 (US EPA TCLP Method 1311) for both hydrocarbons and cooking oil (vegetable).  This means it meets the highest international standards for the retention of these liquids and the solution for industries trying to establish an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001-2004.

While Sokerol excels in hydrocarbon and chemical spill remediation, it is also a superior absorbent for many other liquids including cooking oils, bitumen, agricultural pesticides, acetone, paint, blood, urine and vomit. For a complete list of liquids Sokerol absorbs check - Sokerol - Liquids Absorbed & Not Absorbed

Sokerol Product Reviews

  • We have taken over two businesses and tried numerous oil absorbents but now only handle Sokerol. It is easy to sell because of it's effectiveness, EPA approval and cost. We have never had a complaint from our customers regarding Sokerol Oil Absorbent and it's effectiveness. Jason Beckman, Service Station Suppliers QLD
  • I was asked to trial Sokerol in commercial kitchens... now I would not run a kitchen without it. Sokerol is easy, quick and very effective, taking the worry out of spills in the kitchen. Michael Benaud, Eurest Pty Ltd
  • Sokerol is a wonderfully simple product, safe to handle, easy in application and disposal. It has universal application in the oil industry with it's ability to absorb and retain hydrocarbons indefinitely, making it an incredibly useful environmental tool .Sokerol is an uncomplicated product that delivers! Dr. David Charles-Edwards, Sci-Plan Pty Ltd
  • Sokerol is perfect for our vehicles, the fact that one product absorbs both pesticides and oils makes it the ideal product for our spill kits. The ease of disposal is just an added advantage Garrads Pty Ltd, Pest Control Suppliers
  • Sokerol is especially effective for use around water, where plant and machinery is required to operate close to a waterway. The main benefit of Sokerol is that it will allow water to pass through while still capturing and absorbing oils and fuels. Sokerol is a fantastic product that I will continue to use on future projects Luke Shaw, Environmental Representative, Abigroup

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