Emergency Services

Emergency Services | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills

Around the world, firemen, police officers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and tow-truck drivers respond to hundreds of millions of calls every year from people in distress. As first responders on the scene, these emergency service providers need to be prepared for any incident, including oil and chemical spills as a result of road traffic accidents and leaking or ruptured pipes in the home or on the street.

These crews are required to equip themselves with absorbent materials to prevent pooling of incendiary liquids which pose a threat to the public as well as themselves. Automobile fires, often caused by the ignition of pooled fuels and oils by sparks from a crash, are consistently among the largest causes of fire death in the US. 

With its universal absorbent properties and ability to perform in any weather conditions, Sokerol makes the ideal emergency response absorbent product. Emergency service providers around the world prefer it. 

Who Uses Oil Absorbents

  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • EMTs
  • Roadside assistant service providers

Why Sokerol Absorbent's Used

  • Sokerol is quick and easy to use and reduces dangerous fuel vapors at the scene of an incident.

Benefits of Sokerol Chemical & Oil Absorbent


  • 100% organic solution for containing and absorbing oil and chemical spills, and providing safe environmentally friendly disposal.

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