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Air Logistics | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills

The global airline industry consists of over 2000 airlines operating more than 23,000 aircraft, providing service to over 3,700 airports. The growth of world air travel has averaged approximately 5% per year over the past 30 years. This includes substantial yearly variations due to changing economic conditions and differences in economic growth in different regions of the world. A continued 4-5% annual growth in global air travel over the next 10-15 years, will lead to a doubling of total air travel during this period.

With the increase in global air travel and freight comes pressure on existing fleets and infrastructure to deliver on tight timetables and to keep passengers and freight moving. Airports have millions of gallons of fuel storage capacity and hydraulic oil and jet fuel spills are a routine reality. Operators, service providers and maintenance crews must be prepared to react to these quickly, safely and efficiently. 

Sokerol’s range of environmentally friendly products enable response teams to act quickly to neutralise these incidents ensuring operator and customer safety at all times, while also preventing environmental damage.

Who Uses Oil Absorbents

  • Airport service crews
  • Airline ground maintenance crews
  • Airport emergency services

Why Sokerol Absorbent's Used

  • Sokerol can be used for a wide variety of liquid spills as well as hydrocarbons. No matter the spill, Sokerol is the right tool for the job.

Benefits of Sokerol Chemical & Oil Absorbent

  • 100% organic solution for containing and absorbing oil and chemical spills, and providing safe environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Sokerol quickly absorbs hydrocarbons and chemicals, leaving no oily residue on the ground.
  • A quick and environmentally friendly cleanup will help maintain your airline's social responsibility score.

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