Marine Logistics

Sokerol Oil in Water Tank Demonstration | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills

Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and a key driver of globalization. Around 80% of global trade by volume and 70% by value is carried by sea and handled by ports worldwide. The maritime logistics industry grew by 4% in 2011, taking the total volume of goods loaded worldwide to 8.7 billion tonnes. Global shipping fleets continued to expand during 2011, reaching more than 1.5 billion deadweight tonnes (dwt) by January 2012, an increase of over 37% in the past four years. Global container port throughput increased by an estimated 5.9% to 572.8 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2011, its highest level ever.

With this massive level of activity and increasing industry growth, spills from waterborne vessels are inevitable and one of the major sources of water based pollution. Diesel spills, bilge overflows, cargo loading accidents and scheduled maintenance in vessel and on ports all contribute to the contamination of the surrounding waterways. Failure to respond quickly and efficiently to these transgressions can attract severe penalties from local water authorities. 

The use of Sokerol Oil Absorbent products by maritime logistics providers, port operators and industries sited on or around busy trading ports minimises the environmental impact of spills by safely, quickly and efficiently treating the contamination at its source. The associated cost of these incidents is therefore reduced. 

Who Uses Oil Absorbents

  • Commercial ports
  • Shipping companies
  • Passenger ships
  • Marinas
  • Maritime logistics support industries
  • Vessel descaling yards

Why Sokerol Absorbent's Used

  • Sokerol Oil Absorbent is oleophilic and rejects water in the presence of hydrocarbons. This means that it works on land and water. Even if it has already absorbed water, it maintains its full hydrocarbon absorption capacity.

Benefits of Sokerol Chemical & Oil Absorbent

  • 100% organic solution for containing and absorbing oil and chemical spills, and providing safe environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Sokerol Oil Absorbent encapsulates spilled or leaked liquids whether in the bilge, on the deck, or in the water – rendering spilled contaminates inert from environmental contamination.

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