Sokerol blows competition out of the water!

Sokerol is dedicated to creating what we consider the best eco-friendly oil & chemical absorbent available, and whilst it’s sustainable and safe for the environment, to meet our criteria it must also be highly effective.

Our popular video demonstrations are testaments to our product's potency and non-leaching abilities. The highlight of which is the water-filtration demonstration where a mixture of oil-contaminated water is poured into a makeshift filter (Sokerol in a perforated plastic cup), resulting in only clean, clear water passing through. 

Passing this test is considered to be a 'gold standard' for absorbent products, as spills in water can be notoriously hard to clean and contamination is a valid risk.

We have such great faith in our product that the logical step was to see how Sokerol preformed against the competition.  

We selected the three leading brands with different absorbent types, including organics, and inorganic (clay) products. All the absorbents tested were selected based on their common use in workplaces and spill incidents.

The tests were performed to consistent parameters, being 200ml of oil-water mix (150ml water and 50ml engine oil), and 50g of absorbent. This gave all products the chance to demonstrate absorption performance at a conservative rate of 1:1 (Weight of absorbent (g) to Volume absorbed (ml)).

The results were astounding, exceeding even our expectations. Sokerol proved superior against the leading brands.

In all cases, none of the competitor products were able to demonstrate the ability to strip out hydrocarbons as quickly and completely as Sokerol, if at all. In addition, competitors displayed various degrees of lesser absorption performance capacity, longer absorption time, impermeability, and all revealed to have leaching potential (some even completely incompatible with water).

 Sokerol vs competitors

From Left to Right: (Brand 1 - Organic (Coconut Husk or derivative),- Brand 2 - Organic (Recycled, treated organic material –unspecified), - Brand 3 - Inorganic -Diatomite (Kitty Litter equivalent), - Sokerol - Organic)

Sokerol once again validated its profound innate ability to separate hydrocarbons from water - a rare feat in itself, especially when you consider that presently this can only be achieved by complex and expensive tertiary oil decontamination systems.    

In addition to its superb performance, Sokerol offers a range of superior attributes such as:

- A one-stop all purpose absorbent effective against all kinds of motor oils, lubricants, hydraulic oils, fuels, and a wide range of solvents and chemicals.

- Supplied in various forms, such as Pillows, Land and Marine Booms, and Spill Kits, providing you with single-supplier convenience for different spill absorbency situations in any condition.

- A range of natural, organic attributes that provide a genuine biodegradable medium for absorbed oils and chemicals, with no secondary contamination risk (unlike those shown above). In addition, Sokerol is sourced from sustainable, renewable sources, reduces contaminant cleanup and disposal costs, and is safe and easy to use. 

Choose the most effective and environmentally-friendly absorbent in the market – choose Sokerol.

Disclaimer: All testing was conducted by Sokerol’s R&D division and was done so in a controlled environment to ensure consistency was maintained across all criteria tested. This does not represent an independent assessment.

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Posted on 07/07/2014