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Absorbent Pillows / Pads | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills
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Sokerol Pillows are designed for the cleanup of smaller, localised spills and are ideal for use as vehicle drip trays or placement under leaking taps, joints or connectors. They are used extensively in the mining industry as drip mats for heavy machinery and equipment and are just as suitable for the home garage to prevent oil stains on your driveway or garage floor. Pillows are portable and easily positioned - the ideal drip mat solution for 4WD and off-road motorsport enthusiasts.

Instructions for Use

  • For use with machinery and leaking taps, joints or connectors, identify the spot where the leaking contaminant is falling and position a Sokerol Pillow beneath it. Once the leak has been stopped, remove the pillow and place into a container for disposal. 
  • For use under leaky parked vehicles, identify the source of the leak or drip underneath the vehicle and slide the pillow into position directly beneath that spot. If necessary, use a broom handle or long tool to achieve best positioning. Leave the pillow in place until the leak or drip has been fixed, or replace when the absorption capacity has been achieved. Upon removal, place the used pillow into a container for disposal. 
  • Sokerol Pillows are ideal for quick, on the job, remediation of machinery and equipment leaks as they can be positioned in place and the leak or drip can be addressed when time permits. This allows for minimal disruption to workers while also increasing operational safety. 

  • Pillows are a great remediation tool as they can fit in almost any location - under vehicles, machinery, equipment, sinks or almost any other place a leak may occur! 
  1. Q: 

    How much oil can a Pillow absorb?


    Each Pillow contains 1 kilogram of Sokerol and can absorb up to 3 litres of liquid. CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST

  2. Q: 

    Will Pillows drip a contaminant upon removal for disposal or transfer to another site?


    The Sokerol inside of each Pillow is a non-leaching absorbent, meaning that once it as absorbed the contaminant, the contaminant will remain inside of the absorbent, or "encapsulated," even with the introduction of water, pressure or time. The only instance in which a Pillow might drip a contaminant is if the Pillow has exceeded its absorption capacity. 

  3. Q: 

    Can Pillows be used on water?


    Pillows are designed for use on land, indoors or outdoors, in any weather. Pillows are not equipped with any internal floatation, nor do they have the ability to connect to other Pillows. For water spills, Sokerol Bilge SOKs should be used to absorb contaminants in confined spaces. 

  4. Q: 

    Do I need to wear any special safety or protective clothing when handling Sokerol?


    Sokerol is 100% safe to use and handle without protective equipment; however, the contaminants it absorbs are not always as safe. Please use appropriate protective clothing and equipment based on the contaminant being absorbed. 

  5. Q: 

    How do I dispose of Sokerol once I have used it to absorb a contaminant?


    Just as Sokerol absorbs many different hydrocarbons and chemicals, there are various disposal regulations for different contaminants and in different towns, states and countries. Sokerol is a non-leaching absorbent for hydrocarons, therefore rendering them inert from any further environmental contamination upon absorption; however, Sokerol recommends users check with their local, state or federal authorities for proper disposal regulations based on the contaminant absorbed. 

  • Product Reference Code: SOK3010
  • Each Pillow measures 400 x 450 x 50mm
  • Contains 1 kilogram of loose Sokerol absorbent 
  • Absorbs up to 3 litres
  • Has a black polypropylene casing
  • 6 Pillows per box
  • 12 boxes per pallet
  • MOQ: 1 pallet