A fresh, clean, new look for Sokerol

Sokerol, the 100% organic oil and chemical absorbent, is ready to begin shipping orders of all our products in its bright new packaging. The complete redesign and rebranding, which includes a new logo, coincides with the launch of our website.

Art director, Lianne Cummins who is responsible for the streamlined new look said: “With the rebranding, we wanted to represent the product while creating stand-out for Sokerol in the absorbent marketplace. The logo, which uses stylised coloured droplets to respresent land, water and Sokerol itself will help us to increase brand awareness, which is crucial as we prepare to launch our consumer product line.

Our customers will receive their next order of Sokerol in the new packaging. To check out our new look and the full range of products or to request a quote, visit www.sokerol.com. For all Sokerol news, follow us on twitter@sokerol

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Posted on 20/10/2013