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Marine Boom | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills
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Unlike traditional containment booms, Sokerol Marine Booms both contain and absorb contaminants from water based spills. Designed with internal floatation, roping, Velcro seals and metal eyelets with male and female joints allowing them to be connected into a continuous sealed barrier, Marine Booms are perfect for surrounding a compromised vessel which may be releasing various oils and fuels into the waterways. Great for use in inland waterways, harbours and around dams - Marine Booms are equally as effective at keeping spills away from shorelines as they are at keeping spills contained within a shoreline. 

Instructions for Use

  • To contain an open water spill, after securing the site to prevent further spillage, create a fully enclosed perimeter around the spill site, using the connector function to attach multiple Marine Booms together, end-to-end, when necessary. Be sure to attach the booms at one or more points to secured location(s) to keep perimeter in place. Cover the enclosed spill with loose Sokerol, wait 1-2 minutes for maximum absorption and scoop or skim the absorbed product from the water into a container for disposal. Once the spill has been remediated, remove the Marine Booms and put them into a container for disposal. 


  • For spills on or near the shoreline which threaten to enter a waterway, after securing the site to prevent further spillage, create a perimeter around the at-risk shoreline, forming a semicircle with each end of the boom anchored to a secure location on the shore. If necessary, use multiple Marine Booms attached together with their connector function to extend the barrier. Once contained, cover the entire spill, on both land and water, with loose Sokerol. Wait 1-2 minutes for maximum absorption and scoop, rake, sweep or skim the used product from the water and land. Place the used product into a container for disposal. Upon site remediation, collect the Marine Booms and place them into a container for disposal. 
  • The Marine Boom is the only Sokerol boom specifically designed for both absorption and containment of water based spills. 

  • Every Marine Boom is equipped with accessories which allow Marine Booms to be attached to one another, giving them the functionality to be used in any sized spill. 

  • Marine Booms can be used independently of, or in conjuncton with, traditional containment booms. Often, spill response teams will use Sokerol Marine Booms as the primary barrier around a spill and form a secondary barrier with traditional containment booms around the Sokerol Marine Booms; this is a particularly effective method at sites which are experiencing large waves or rough water. 
  1. Q: 

    How much oil can a Marine Boom absorb?


    Each Marine Boom contains 6 kilograms of Sokerol and can absorb up to 18 litres of liquid. CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST

  2. Q: 

    Will Marine Booms drip a contaminant upon removal for disposal or transfer to another site?


    The Sokerol inside of each Marine Boom is a non-leaching absorbent, meaning that once it has absorbed the contaminant, the contaminant will remain inside of the absorbent, or "encapsulated," even with the introduction of water, pressure or time. The only instance in which a Marine Boom might drip a contaminant is if the boom has exceeded its absorption capacity. Users may experience a drip with Marine Booms which is simply the water which is dripping from the boom casing. 

  3. Q: 

    Can Marine Booms be used on land?


    Marine Booms are designed specifically for water; however, they will also perform on land if necessary. 

  4. Q: 

    Do I need to wear any special safety or protective clothing when handling Sokerol?


    Sokerol is 100% safe to use and handle without protective equipment; however, the contaminants it absorbs are not always as safe. Please use appropriate protective clothing and equipment based on the contaminant being absorbed. 

  5. Q: 

    How do I dispose of Sokerol once I have used it to absorb a contaminant?


    Just as Sokerol absorbs many different types of hydrocarbons and chemicals, there are various disposal regulations for different contaminants and in different towns, states and countries. Sokerol is a non-leaching absorbent for hydrocarbons, therefore rendering them inert from any further environmental contamination upon absorption; however, Sokerol recommends users check with their local, state or federal authorities for proper disposal regulations based on the contaminant absorbed. 

  • Product Reference Code: SOK4020
  • Each Marine Boom measures 3m x 150mm
  • Contains 6 kilograms of loose Sokerol absorbent
  • Absorbs up to 18 litres
  • Has a single layered cotton flag cloth sleeve casing 
  • Equipped with internal floatation, roping, Velcro seals, and metal eyelets with male and female ends allowing them to be joined into a continuous sealed boom
  • 3 Marine Booms per box
  • 12 boxes per pallet 
  • MOQ: 1 pallet

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