Bilge Socks (SOKs)

Bilge Socks (SOKs) | Sokerol - Oil Absorbent for Chemical & Oil Spills
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Sokerol Bilge Socks (SOKs) are designed for use in the bilge or bulkheads of any boat, commercial or recreational, power or sail. Bilge Socks (SOKs) are the ideal solution to preventing accidental discharge of oil from your bilge into the local waterways. The Bilge Sock (SOK) will absorb any oil which may find its way into your bilge and encapsulate any oil, fuel or transmission fluid which is spilled or leaked into the bilge, preventing you from discharging these hazardous liquids into public waters. SOKs are also a useful alternative to put under slow leaks or drips to stop the leak from reaching the ground. They can be used under machinery and are great for waste troughs, coolant tanks, fluid reservoirs and sump wells.

Instructions for Use

  • In a clean bilge, secure a Bilge Sock (SOK) into your vessel bilge using the attached nylon strap. As oil or fuel leaks into the bilge, the SOK will absorb the contaminant upon contact. Replace the SOK as needed, we recommend every 4-12 weeks depending on the severity of the leak(s). Remove used SOK after absorption and place into a container for disposal. 
  • In a contaminated bilge, turn off the automatic bilge switch so as not to pump any contaminated water out of the bilge. Secure one or more Bilge Socks (SOKs) into the vessels bilge using the attached nylon strap. The necessary number of Bilge SOKs will be determined by the anticipated volume of spilled or leaked fuel - and on the basis that each Bilge SOK can absorb up to 1 litre of contaminant. Leave Bilge SOK(s) in place long enough for the volume of contaminated water to sufficiently contact the Bilge SOK, thus ensuring maximum absorption; this may be accelerated by stirring the contaminated water or by securing multiple SOKs around the bilge. Remove absorbed Bilge SOK(s) and place into a container for disposal. Once the contaminant has been removed from the bilge, return the bilge pump switch to its regular setting to pump out the clean water. Upon emptying of the bilge, secure a new Bilge SOK to catch future leaks or spills. 
  • Far superior to traditional "synthetic" bilge socks, Sokerol Bilge Socks (SOKs) contain Sokerol absorbent which will encapsulate any oils or fuels, resulting not only in the removal of the contaminant from the bilge, but also a clean transfer and disposal of the Bilge SOK as they will not drip or leak, minimising overall cleanup time. 
  • Bilge Socks (SOKs) are great for more than just bilges! They can be used wherever there is a water holding container which is, or may be, contaminated by oil and fuel leaks. This includes sump wells, waste troughs, coolant tanks and fluid resevoirs. 
  1. Q: 

    How much oil can a Bilge SOK absorb?


    Each Bilge SOK contains 350 grams of Sokerol and can absorb up to 1 litre of liquid. CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST

  2. Q: 

    Will Bilge SOKs drip a contaminant upon removal for disposal or transfer to another site?


    The Sokerol inside of each Bilge SOK is a non-leaching absorbent, meaning that once it has absorbed the contaminant, the contaminant will remain inside of the absorbent, or "encapsulated," even with the introduction of water, pressure or time. The only instance in which a Bilge SOK might drip a contaminant is if the SOK has exceeded its absorption capacity. Users may experience a drip with Bilge SOKs which is simply water dripping from the SOK casing. 

  3. Q: 

    Can Bilge SOKs be used on land?


    Bilge SOKs are designed specifically for water; however they will also perform on land if necessary. 

  4. Q: 

    Do I need to wear any special safety or protective clothing when handling Sokerol?


    Sokerol is 100% safe to use and handle without protective equipment; however, the contaminants it absorbs are not always as safe. Please use appropriate protective clothing and equipment based on the contaminant being absorbed. 

  • Product Reference Code: SOK2020
  • Each Bilge SOK measures 75mm x 450mm
  • Contains 350 grams of loose Sokerol absorbent
  • Absorbs up to 1 litre 
  • Has a yellow polypropylene casing
  • Internal floatation and a nylon attachment loop at one end
  • 24 Bilge SOKs per box
  • 12 boxes per pallet
  • MOQ: 1 pallet

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